The pioneers behind creating a unique experience grown out of ancient India and implanted into the lifeblood of Thailand. Authenticity and variety of Yoga classes await you.

Our boutique studios give rise to an experience where you can escape from the hectic life and relax and rejuvenate. Our world-class teachers guide you on your path to finding yourself deep in your practice. We empower the individual to achieve things they never imagined. We nurture strength and we give you the edge.

We Evolve You.

Evolve the way you look and you feel. Transform your body and relax your mind through YOGA.

In the past yogi & yogini practice yoga for reaching the enlightenment, now people do yoga as a physical exercise. Yoga is not just an ordinary exercise, it’s a healthy lifestyle. It connects your movement of the body, mind and breath. It keeps you happy, young and healthy. Yoga works for everyone from housewives to gentlemen to office peoples to hipster to runners to aged peoples. Practicing Yoga isn’t about how far the person next to you is bending over or how easy they’re finding it, it’s whether you are taking yourself to the max and what you are getting out of that class. This is about challenging yourself, not competing with bendy at the front of the class.


Yoga Benefits

YOGA is one of the few exercises that give you both short and long term benefits.

Yoga Classes

We have all the popular classes so whether it is Hot, Hatha, Vinyasa or Yin Yang that floats your boat we have our own signature sequence for you.


Suggested for All Levels. Teachers present/suggest more challenging variations so classes are appropriate for all from beginners to advanced students, creating an environment to build and strengthen your practice over time.


Suggested for students who have practiced any styles of yoga for more than 20 sessions.

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