Imagine an exercise different to any exercise you had experienced before. Imagine exercise reinvented. Imagine an exercise that challenged every part of your core. Imagine an exercise that your body craved more of and kept you coming back again and again.

Walk in feeling weak. Walk out feeling like you can move mountains.


Specially designed by the ABSOLUTE TEAM, each unique exercise incorporates principles of Pilates, movement, anatomy and functional training to ensure that the workout is effective yet safe.

COREBLAST classes center around Core Suspend, a highly effective training tool using 2 separately anchored suspension ropes, ensuring core activation and full engagement of the entire body.

We’ll push the pace, torch your muscles and definitely get your heart thumping. This is a great combination of cardio and strength. Your heart rate never returns to resting and it’s a total-body workout.

Fast. Effective. Core Workout

Coreblast Benefits

Coreblast Classes

Get ready to try classes for abs & arms, butt & thighs, cardio, barre workouts and more! We also use accessories including toning balls, foam rollers and resistance bands to create a fun, dynamic, group class experience to get you in-shape fast! You are going to love this…


Suggested for All Levels. Teachers present/suggest more challenging variations so classes are appropriate for all from beginners to advanced students, creating an environment to build and strengthen your practice over time.


Suggested for students who have practiced more than 10 Coreblast classes.

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